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Currently I can only play games on a Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 8GB 800Mhz DDR2 Ram, Radeon 560d 2GB GDDR5 (a little slower than a regular Radeon 560), SATA SSD PC. So my CPU is 2C/2T instead of 4C/4T and 2 generations older than the stated minimum (Intel Core i5-2500k). The PC has no network connection and is therefor not slowed down by background tasks like windows 10 updates, windows defender cloud protection or analytics.

I made the experience that many times games run perfectly fine on below minimum spec hardware, but sometimes the do not. For instance, Going Medieval crashed frequently with 4GB Ram and after I upgraded to 8GB it runs perfectly fine although the PC is still below Going Medievals minimum spec.

Can I expect Urbek City Builder to run at least with smaller maps/cities on my hardware ?
Do I have to upgrade the CPU ? I can get access to Socket 775 platform parts for free like a Core 2 Quad 3Ghz, would that be enough ?

Sadly, does not offer Urbek City Builder: Prologue and as I mentioned before the Gaming PC has no internet connection so I can not install the steam version of Urbek City Builder: Prologue to check if its compatible with my hardware.

Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to spent money on a game that I couldn't play where I want it to play.
Prologue is already released, so you can test here. I guess that it should work, but better be sure
Brukoslav: Prologue is already released, so you can test here. I guess that it should work, but better be sure
Thanks, just downloaded the prologue. I will report back when I have tested it.
I tested the prologue and it runs on my system. I know that some newer games need CPU instructions that older CPU's like the Core2 don't provide, luckily Urbek City Builder and many other newer games like Rimworld and Going Medieval are running just fine. I didn't have much time to test so I can't say anything definitive about performance, only that at the beginning the framerate seems to be locked at 60 FPS (vsync enabled) and there where no slowdowns on my offline Core2 Duo (2C/2T) system. I think a Core2 Quad (4C/4T) will be enough for bigger Cities and I will upgrade to that CPU before I purchase Urbek and have enough time to play it.