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high rated
Many changes to new version. Let me know if you see any other bug. Thanks for your feedback!

+ Quarry with explosives (desert biome only)
+ Fish market
+ Desert market (desert biome only)
+ Heavy sawmill (valdivian rain biome forest onyl)
+ Mud Brick Factory (desert biome only)
+ Salt Water Pump (desert biome only)
+ Deep Iron Mine

+ New option: Adjust font size
+ Planning mode: Can build without the need for roads
+ Total number of achievements is shown (2/8, for example)
+ G key also highlights the radius of influence
+ Floodplains now have palm trees (decoritaves only, no wood)
+ A button to hide/show day/night cycle and time interface

+ Now you can change the icon of the mods' constructions
+ Multiple versions of a road now work in mods
+ Two new variables for custom buildings: 'mapAble' and 'mapUnable'. They work as a whitelist/blacklist similar to 'biomeAble' and 'biomeUnable', but they control whether the custom building will load on a given array of map themes or not. Temperate: 0, Desert 1, Archipelago 2, etc.

+ Italian
+ Many fixes
+ Some minor localization fixes
+ Green 5-storey building now are named Green 5-storey residencial building, to differentiate it from the 5-storey mixed-use green building.

+ Promenades no longer interfere with the position of roads and bridges (although they are still considered roads)
+ More buildings have colours in strategy mode
+ Desert no longer have lumberjack related policies (lumberjack house technicians)
+ Iron logistics module didn't cost anything
+ Activate/deactivate strategic view and minimap hotkey now are saved correctly
+ Happiness-related achievements bug solved
+ Now saltwater pump unlocks the water tower too
+ Promenades now do connect
+ Markets in parks policy now works properly
+ The Arts and letters faculty level 2 now needs a philosophy faculty nearby, thus avoiding the problem when the arts and letters faculty was automatically upgraded and then the city hall could not be unlocked.
+ Advanced Faculty of Arts and Letters now needs an advanced (instead of non-advanced) Faculty of Philosophy

+ Metro stations now need a metro hub on the city.
+ Iron scavengers store 100 iron and Steelworks cost 100, so it is possible to play with only one iron scavenger.
+ The archipelago productivity path ask for fishing instead of grain silos.
+ University Restaraunt give food services now
+ Stops and subways are built without the need for ALT on any roads
+ In archipelago: The productivity path no longer requires fruit processors.
+ Valdivian rainforest richness path ask for wooden houses instead of village houses
+ Jungle map policies that increase the lumbercamp production are now working with lumbercamp plus
+ Wealth path ask for 3 mansions, not 2.5
+ water tower doesn't need water tower to be unlocked, so it can be built when there is no river
+ Make University Restaraunt give food services
+ Jungle map policies that increase the lumbercamp production are not working with lumbercamp plus
+ los eastereggs ya no se pueden desbloquear con mods que suben población
+ Two-story fishing houses now require docks
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Nice with the update on GOG, thanks! :)