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I'm not talking FPS-mode, but the two isometric choices you switch by pressing C.

The default one, that you always seem to get even when loading a save, looks awful!
The only real difference (?) is that the perspective gets totally weird!
Parallell roads do not look parallell at all, and so on.
Everything looks totally distorted and proportions are way off.
Yet, the angles and distances and everything else seem to be about the same.

So who would want this camera as their default?
It almost had me not wanting to buy the game after watching videos of it, cause I don't like when perspective is so incredibly weird, but then I realized there is a normal camera you can switch to, where it just looks like a regular isometric game.

Could we maybe have a setting to get the normal-looking-camera as default, or just let the game remember the last setting you used?

Thanks :)
Post edited July 26, 2022 by Seb-gog
The isometric camera (the default one) is quite popular, although players who are used to playing 3D games might find it strange. In fact, the camera you get when you press C is not really isometric.

Now I'm working on getting the computer to remember your choices, so I might as well add what you say. Thanks for your feedback!