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I'm trying to run Urban Chaos on my Archlinux. Install went fine (with Playonlinux), but when running the game, I get an error meesage "can't open display" after the intro and the game crashes. (I've set the direct draw render to opengl, as suggested on the wine appdb, but that didn't help)

Can anybody help me? Has anybody gotten it to work?

Here the lines from the debug which contain the error, let me know if any more info would be of help!

fixme:event:wait_for_withdrawn_state window 0x30078/1e0000e wait timed out err:ole:CoUninitialize Mismatched CoUninitialize fixme:ddraw:ddraw7_FlipToGDISurface iface 0x40c0748 stub!
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Okay, with the newest Wine version it's playable, but it doesn't scale correctly on my PC and the videos don't play anymore... maybe I'll have time to play around with the settings soon.
Try downloading the specific DirectX version I posted in the top thread, that fixed the problem for me, but I'm not using Linux.

It was actually from the support page for the game here at GOG
It works in recent wine (1.7.20+), but in certain parts of the game everything is very slow on my computer. Though I only have an integrated intel card.
The game works perfectly for me in Wine 1.6.2, with a tiny bit of slowdown.

Good thing too, because it doesn't work period in Windows 7 even after trying all the fixes on the forum.