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ikskoks: Hello. Is there any progress with replacing textures?
I'm guessing not. :S
There's only some progress with modifying level files. Like being available to spawn people/cars, etc.
Cars handling. Made by Fire_Head.
*link in pm, can't post it here* - download, unpack, and put it in *UC folder*/scripts
It isn't fully explored.
Column 1 moves back left wheel horizontally, column 2 - same for back right wheel. To move the wheel to the left, we should use negative values for moving, positive - for moving to the right.
Columns 3 and 4 - same as 1 and 2, but for the front wheels.
Column 5 moves back left wheel vertically, column 6 - same for back right wheel. The bigger value is, the further back wheels are.
Columns 7 and 8 - same as 5 and 6, but for the front wheels. Btw, negative values mean that you move the wheels in front of the car direction, positive - opposite.
Column 9 - is for speed while moving forward (e.g. taxi has 21), column 10 - speed while moving back.
Column 16 - prim file, used for the vehicle.
Hey, check this out