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Has anyone figured out a definitive solution for getting the game to even just start? I've had this issue with both Steam and GoG. I've tried messing with config files, installing the wsgf video settings patch, adjusted compatibility settings from win 98 up to 10, and even attempted 3rd party software such as gdVoodoo2 in an attempt to get this game to work and still nothing.

I've read in some places that only some video cards seem to support the game, but others seem to have no issue regardless. It just feels like a random subsect of people just simply are completely unable to play this with no discernible reasoning.

Again, to be extremely clear, the game will not open at all. No crash, no error, nothing. I click Play, the button greys out for a few seconds, then just resets as if nothing happened.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I have exactly the same problem.
Exact same problem on Win10.
Tried everything I could think of, GoG support suggested changing resolution and installing dx9c, didn't work.

My fix:
Install game on Win10, copy to Linux harddrive, WINE 3.13 as "Windows 2000" will run the game (fallen.exe) perfectly.
I played through the 3 training missions and the first real missing, saved game, exited program, reloaded program, loaded game. So yeah, looks like in the future we will need WINE on Windows to play Windows games on Windows :D