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So I see a bunch of threads about the game immediately crashing when people run it, but that's not what I experienced.

The game *starts*, but what happens is that I see a black screen and hear the audio of the developer logos, except that I only hear about half a second of audio, followed by silence for two or three seconds, followed by the next half a second of audio, and then it repeats.

Once, instead of the black screen I saw the Eidos logo, but it was frozen in place while the audio continued to play in that stuttery manner.

I don't know if the actual game/menus work because I've never let the program run long enough to get through the incredibly drawn-out opening cutscenes, and they seem to be unskippable. In fact, the program doesn't respond at all during this, and I have to manually go to the task manager to kill fallen.exe.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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You could try installing DirectX.