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Since recently the music has stopped working for Uprising 1 (Windows 10). I have the winmm.dll file in the directory and the OGGs are there and playable in VLC, but no music is played while the game is running. Any ideas?
I have also no music, both in Uprisng 1 & 2.
The original game doesn't install music to the hard drive and instead plays it from the disc like a music CD, to the extent that the game disc even triggers media programs set to run on CD insert. Not an unusual way of doing things for the time, actually. That gives me the idea of putting the tracks on a CD (not a DVD or whatever - a CD-ROM specifically) and seeing if the game autoplays it.
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I think I've seen other games that have been reworked to emulate the CD drive and have a file that contains all the CD music on the hard drive instead of loading it from a real physical disc in the CD-ROM.

Perhaps GOG could setup something like that?
(If this hasn't already been fixed.)