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Hello, to anyone that has started playing this game.

It looks interesting and I like the sound of your choices changing the story, but how straight-forward is it?
As in, if you play it over a few times, will you know what the choices will affect each time, or is it more randomized?

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I really don't know the answer to your question unfortunately as I have not even finished the game once as of yet.

But I will say that I already want to go back through and make different decisions than I have so far to see how that would affect things.

The developers have done a great job of making the player make hard decisions that do seem to have actual consequences for the story.
I've gotten two different endings so far. From what the devs said (see podcast with writer Rutskarn here ), your actions can cause varying degrees of civil unrest. Apparently there is a "terrible" ending, which I haven't been able to get. I also haven't been able to enter combat yet. I wish there were achievements tied to different endings so I would know what to try, but there aren't yet. (I'm playing on Steam.)
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