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I cna't get the hosting to work right. I can only host DM's can't change the rulles I.E. minimum 8 players fills in with bots. I have to use the dedicated server function and then when you click on a game if it does show up it switches to a different game. It seems kind of like the game is acting like a partial or a demo. I bought htis to have LAN parties at home with me and my kids. running it on 5 comps all HP's running Windows 7 with a Linksys router. Would really like to play the types of games other than just DM and really want to be able to change game settings. It lets me add mutators, and at one point did show a server made to my specs but noone else could join it or it would dissappear when clicked on.
I'm way late for this question but in the event that you're still on here and for others, I found that you can try adding


to your UT2004.ini file.

that is in the

>[directory you installedgame]>System>UT2004.ini