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Hi everyone,

Want to ask for some help regarding UT2004's UnrealEd and windows 10 in specific. Primarily, the issue I'm running into with the Unreal Editor for UT2004 on windows 10 is that selecting anything in the viewports takes almost 4-6 times longer to select than on Windows 7 64-bit. While I know there has always been some delays with selecting stuff in large populated levels, on windows 10 this is unnaturally long, even on an empty level.

Things that take maybe a second or two on windows 7 to select in the editor, takes upwards of +20 seconds on windows 10 in the editor, so much so that the editor at times freezes entirely. This used to be a problem for UE4 when win10 just came out, but unlike UE4, UT2004's editor never got fixed, and still suffer from this issue.

Its making it unbearable to try and make any mods for the game as I have done prior to downgrading to window 10 from 7. (At the moment it is a downgrade regarding the Unreal Editor anyways.)

Anyone know of a fix or a way to speed up the selection process for the editor? It would really be nice to be able to actually use the editor properly without having to wait +20 seconds everytime I try to select anything in the viewports, 2D or 3D. Would've been nice if Epic bothered to release a proper 64-bit patch for the editor too, not just the game, as a mod maker, I spend most of my time in the editor, making custom levels, player skins, weapons, textures, vehicles and whatever else.

Would've linked to the short video I made showing how bad it gets, but seems like the forums won't allow for links. :/

Not sure if it would help, but here is my system/software specs:

GAME: Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE 3369 + 64-bit patch (DX9)
OS: Windows 10 pro 64-bit (latest build)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 @3.2ghz
GPU: Nvidia MSI GTX 980 4G OC

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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