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Hi. Has anyone else had a problem when uninstalling UT GOTY? Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 says it detects a Trojan.Win32.Generic linked with the file unins000.exe. UT 2004 does not do this nor any other of the 50 games i have with gog...... I think it must be a false positive mistake by kaspersky, so wondered if anyone else has experienced this.... Thanks for your help in advance :)
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This question / problem has been solved by triockimage
Try uploading the file here -

And my opinion - false positive. ;)
Thank you triock for your response. To be certain that I am not infected, I have used a hard drive imaging program to put my computer back to a time before the install. If I install the game again in the future I will definitely look into the website you suggest.

I have scanned the file with both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes without any detections. It would appear that the file only triggers Kaspersky when it is run. I think that it is copying itself into a temp file (under a different name) because the file it creates is also flagged by Kaspersky as the same Trojan. The file must be acting in a way that mimics what a Trojan might do.

There must be lots of people here that have installed and uninstalled Unreal Tournament whilst using Kaspersky as their main internet security . I can't believe that I can be the only one to have come across this.........

I tried to contact GOG Support to report this but seem to have a problem attaching my direct x report to the message, so am unable to send It to them.