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Massive video! This was a 9 GB file upload and took 2 or 2 days :dead:

But the Quality is mint! Please make sure you watch it at least at 720p60 or even better 1080p60. The smooth game play is really nice to watch.

This is Unreal Gold (from the Anthology CD) but the version also works after unpacking the installer. Played on a custom built Pentium III 1.1 GHz with a AGP 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 and Turtle Beach Montego II with Aureal Vortex 2 chip in A3D 2.0 headphone mode.

The video shows around 48 minutes of game play. The game is played at 1024 x 768 resolutions with some 3dfx driver settings applied to make this old Glide game look a bit nicer. Details are all in the beginning of the video.


Unreal on a Retro PC 3dfx Voodoo 5 Aureal A3D 60 fps
Post edited January 18, 2015 by philscomputerlab
Cheers for the upload, its always cool to see 3dfx era games running as intended on the top of the line hardware from the era!
Ah A3D is a treat to the ears. Damn Creative anyway, we could have had way more advanced sound by now.
Hope Oculus bring good sound to the fore again with their HRTF licensing.