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Just downloaded and installed Unreal Gold and have come across a problem that has affected some of my other games; basically the game speeds up then slows down over and over. It gets stupidly fast one second then slows back down to normal speed, then speeds up and then back again, over and over. It makes playing the game impossible.
I'm running Windows XP Home full Edition and my system is powered by an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core (2.61 GHz), and I have 2 gig of RAM.
If anyone can give me a hint of how to fix this problem, because as I said it affects a couple of my other games as well, I would really apprieciate it.
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Make sure the game is running on a single core. Bring up the task manager when you are in game and then find the unreal.exe process on the process tab. right click that and set the affinity to core 0.
See the sticky entitled "Unreal Patches". I used the OMP-UGold patch (more of a mod really) and that solved all my speed problems.
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I wonder if it has a feature similar to Intel's SpeedStep and C1E where the CPU clocks itself down and reduces Vcore to save power, but cranks things back up to full when loaded.
That will screw with game speeds with UnrealEngine1 titles.
If you don't know what the BIOS option is, try running something that'll load your CPU while the game is starting up, but won't take too long to finish. That way, it should kick in to full speed, Unreal will set itself to run at full clock speed instead of reduced clock speed, and all should be well.
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