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Just downloaded the unreal gold, and it works nicely :) However I can't find the Advanced Options" anywhere. If I remember right it should be in the preferences after [esc]aping out of the opening movie. I've been through all the menues.
i7 @3.84, nvidia 295, windows 7/64
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They may have been removed in the gold version. I think you can do all that stuff by editing the .ini directly though.
To get to the advanced preferences you need to bring up the console whilst the intro movie (the flyby of the castle) is going on. I think it's the tilde key or the ` key.
Once pressed you get a prompt. At this prompt type in:
The game will then minimize to the Windows desktop and you will get a new window open with advanced settings. Edit these and save then return to the game.
Hat diese Version im gegensatz zu der Unreal Anthology Version kein Menü?