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Sounds pretty ambitious.
I tried it soon after it came out. Appreciated its overall quality but didn't like some of the changes they made to the campaign.

What put me off the most was the way the weapon upgrade system was implemented. For example, they added recoil to the Automag and the Stinger, just so there's something for you to upgrade them for, - a mechanic that feels like a cheap gimmick instead of a well-fitting RPG element.

Still, there's plenty to like about the Evolution mod. If you don't mind the forced downgrades I mentioned, give it a try. It wasn't a "better Unreal" for me, but it's definitely one of the better Unreal mods out there.
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Thanks, I might check it out after replaying the original.

What I was really looking for was just a mod that makes enemies less spongy since I've read it's a problem, but I'll try it and see.
This mod has created quite alot of controversy with the unreal community unfortunately, due to it's destructive installation method.

Unreal features additive modding, meaning it's normally about adding files into the subsequent directories. While the readme/installation of Unreal Evolution warns about it, it unneededly modifies stock configuration files which is a very big 'no no', and never has been the way to mod Unreal. As a result, if you want to play on multiplayer (can depend on the server) after installing and playing Unreal Evolution, it requires advanced user knowledge to uninstall because a few of the changes committed both make the client with UE installed incompatible with other servers and also can trigger the anti cheat systems found on some servers.

The author was offered help to fix these issues but utterly refused incorporating them even though it would take extremely miniscule effort, and became verbally hostile to said users.

For the destructive (and unnecessary) installation process alone i could not and would never recommend anyone install this mod unless they know exactly how to uninstall it if they need to or when they want to. I can't comment on the gameplay, a few things about it look interesting based on released screenshots etc but I haven't personally played it as i don't want to needlessly butcher my installation just for this sole mod.

There are alot of other huge critically acclaimed mods and mappacks that can be found that I would recommend though.

Such as:
Savage Lands (Only has a demo right now)

The One

Triamid Ruins

Unreal PSX remake: Rise of Jrath

The Descent USP mapping collab

Star861 and Hexephet by Grayson Edge
Can't link directly, so will have to link to the oldunreal downloads page (they are separate downloads).

Strange World
(download link also on oldunreal)

I'd recommend both Oldunreal or USP to search for other campaigns/maps and mods btw as there's too many to remember off of the top of my head.
EnforcerSentinel: This mod has created quite alot of controversy with the unreal community unfortunately, due to it's destructive installation method.
That's why I have a separate Unreal Gold folder for mods. The game is only about 700 MB, so it's easy to copy it somewhere and throw as many mods at it as you want without risking the original.
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