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This game was built from the ground up as a multi-player fun-fest and you can tell! They just got it all right. The gameplay, graphics, controls, and net-code are all polished to perfection. This geme just works.
UT came out about the same time as Quake III and they were compared relentlessly. It was a little unfair to do so, in my opinion. While Quake was after the hard-core speed freaks, UT went for accessible and FUN. The amount of stuff you could modify and the flexibility of the code to allow mods was just incredible. I remember running around as Monte Burns from the Simpsons for a while...
Anyway, the game... Everything for multiplayer is here, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, and even Assault (which I liked more than most). The weapons feel right and high-powered and the action is fast. The game excels in a LAN environment where you can shout to coordinate your CTF raids and team actions. There is a nice mix of precision weapons and splash damage ones, but nothing feels overly cheap.
And then there's the Redeemer...
Good times!!
You are absolutely right!
Good times...