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Hi, frustrated no end. Been trying unsuccessfully to install the 227 patch to Unreal Gold for 2 days. I've tried placing the patch in the root directory (GOG Games Unreal Gold). I've also created a folder on the C drive, renamed it UnrealGold installed the game there then placed the patch in it and tried to run it. Every time I do the installer says the game was successfully installed. But then, when I try to install the patch I get a message that the game must be installed to continue or I have to put in the specific path to an existing folder with the game in it. I've tried all that unsuccessfully. I have also deleted the game from the GOG folder so there would only be one on my system. But I still get the same message about the game having to be installed (even when I'm looking right at the open folder that says it is installed). I'm completely boggled on this and would appreciate tapping into all the knowledge and experience out there. I'm running this on Win 8.1 on a modern system. Thx
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You don't put the UnrealGoldPatch227i.exe file into the Unreal directory. You run it from anywhere and select where on your hard drive you have Unreal installed. After it's finished, you then run Unreal normally.

Did you run the game before installing the patch?

Can you play the game without the patch?

Are you running the game installer and patch with administrative rights?

Did you try installing the high res textures? I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but I did it.

If all else fails and you can't run the 227 patch, you may want to use the directx 10 patch instead:
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I had a little trouble with this too. I'm also on Windows 8.1. I made the mistake of trying to place the file and I also tried 'clicking through' to run it. Turns out it had to be done the old fashioned way.
hudfreegamer pointed out that you can run the game from anywhere. He's right.

Here's what I did to get it working:

1. Download the zip format of the file.

2. Right-click and choose 'Extract All'. I simply extracted it to my Downloads.

3. Locate the folder. Open it, then double left-click the extracted file to run it. Setup will begin.

4. The program will then ask you where you would like it to be installed to. As hudfreegamer said, simply install it to the same place you have Unreal Gold installed. In my case, I typed: C:\Gog Games\Unreal Gold

That's it. Job done!

I know it sounds obvious now, but sometimes we can overcomplicate these things :)
I hope this works for you; it should.
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