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Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone had a solution to this issue I'm having. It's been mentioned before in a previous thread (, but mine is a little different. Basically, I want to use a joystick to play UT2K4 (currently have a PS2 to PC adapter with a Dual Shock plugged in) and when I enable the joystick, the camera just slowly pans down, making the game unplayable. Everything else seems to work fine aside from the right stick not working at all. I would really appreciate any insight into why this might be happening and any possible solutions. Thanks!!

edit: Got it working in XPadder, though since the right stick is mapped to turning buttons on the keyboard, the turning speed is not very fast. It'll do for now. If you're wondering why I want to play with a gamepad, I just find it comfortable and I don't really have decent space for a mouse + keyboard setup where I'm living right now.
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