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I just want to let everyone with a mac (and a PC to install the game on) that you can convert the game to a Mac OS X application that works just fine on any OS X version from 10.2.8 to 10.8.1

Original Source Here:

Step 1. Download the Demo

Download the UT2004 demo from here.
Simply untar it or whatever and mount the image and drag the .app to your Applications folder. Go ahead and rename it "Unreal Tournament 2004." It should be named "Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo" right now.

Step 2. Copy your data files into the package

For those of you that don't know, the .app is actually a folder. If you ctrl + single-click on the file and then select "Show Package Contents" in the context menu, you will be able to view the contents of the folder. Go ahead and put your UT2004 DVD or CD1 into your Mac. You will need to copy over the files into the corresponding directories. For example, you'll see a "System" folder. Copy of the contents of your "System" folder into the "System" folder in the "Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo" package. This will be kind of long and tedious.

This is where I made a mistake. The files are all packaged. You can download a utility to unpack them. Otherwise, you can install UT2004 on your PC, then copy over the data files from that installation.

The reason why I overlooked this was because the game still runs fine and you have all the levels and textures and models necessary for the demo. If you try to play a map you should already have, it will just download it. The download usually takes a long time.

Step 3. Update and patch

You now have all the needed data files, but your executable is still not quite right. At this point, you can run the latest UT2004 patch to get things running the way they should. The patch I ran when I did it was "ut2004-macpatch3369-2.dmg." You can download it form here:

This part is pretty simple. Once you downloaded the image, mount it, and run the application it contains. It should tell you that it can't find the UT2004 installation of yours. Just tell it you'll locate it for them and do so.

It should give you one more warning but tell it to continue anyway. You're thee-fourths your way there.

Step 4. Get your CD-Key

Within the UT2004 package and under the "System" folder, you need to create a file called "cdkey" that contains your valid UT2004 CD-Key. Open TextEdit. Now, switch to plain text mode.

Type in your CD-Key with the dashes like so: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
Save the file as "cdkey" with no file extension. If your key doesn't work or if you didn't do this part yet, you will get this error when trying to open the game:

And that is that. You are done. You should be able to enjoy Unreal Tournament 2004 on your Mac. Congratulations! You are the awesome.

Step 5. Rename the alias

I neglected this important part. In addition to renaming the .app to "Unreal Tournament 2004" from "Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo", you have to do the same to an alias within the .app package. So go ahead and navigate inside the Unreal Tournament and go to /Contents/MacOS folder. There will be a file there. It is an alias for the actual executable which is /system/ut-2004-bin. Remove the "Demo" from the end of the name of the alias. It should now just say "Unreal Tournament 2004", just like the .app file. All should work fine and run by now. At this point, you really are done.

If you do not rename this alias, you'll get a message saying:
You cannot open the application "Unreal Tournament" because it may be damaged or incomplete.