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I still remember back when this first came out. I downloaded the demo for this and Quake 3 Arena. And because I didn't have a 3D accelerated video card at the time, I couldn't play Q3A, so I ended up sticking with the demo for this for close to a year before I managed to score the full version (of which I still have the CD for around somewhere). THIS is the one of the finest examples of a first person shooter ever made.
Fast paced, balls to the wall "don't stop or you're going to die" style gameplay, years of user created content, visuals that are just as impressive now as they were back then. Great sound, perfect control, tons of different ways to play, rockin' music and perfect sound. And the game comes WITH enough stuff to keep you busy for a long, long time with tons of different maps and highly configurable bot A.I. for when you aren't playing with any actual humans that put up one hell of a fight.
Yes, there are other Unreal Tournament games, and the entire series just keeps getting better and better. But this particular one still holds a special place in my heart and is up there with the original Quake and the Doom in sheer madness to play multiplayer. And the beauty of this particular game is that it will run on practically anything.
If you're like me and you've gotten tired of first person shooters just getting slower with the militaristic feel and just want some fast paced frantic arena shooter action, look no further. And at the price, no one can argue. Buy this game, get your friends to buy it and have a good old fashioned LAN party. Trust me, it's worth it.
Just be warned, if you're used to the slower paced shooters that are popular nowadays, this will take some getting used to because it gets going and just doesn't stop till someone wins. With 6 different modes of play and game changing mutators, there's something here for everyone.