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So first up this installed and ran fine from GOG 'standalone installers'.

These are the best current links to get more info on the game:

The Main sites homepage:

Official Universe Sandbox 2 forums:,11.0.html

The Wikipedia entry:

And much as it pains me, the Steam forum link:


I'll add others as i find them. For now it seems modding might be limited to Steam Workshop (as that is supported), but then as an 'early access' game modding is probably premature.
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Thanks for the useful post! Here's a few more:

Official game wiki: Discord: Also - you're right that we don't currently officially support modding outside of what we offer on Steam Workshop, but there is a modding channel on the Discord with people discussing modding our game objects beyond Workshop. We're of course excited that people want to mod the game, and we plan to support this more formally in the future.
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Thanks for those Sheep106, the wiki guide thing will be very handy i'm sure :)

If you are involved in making the game then just pass on my thanks to the team, it's got lots of potential and we need more science based stuff in 'games' in general, so i hope it does well and carries on to completion.
This youtube channel is quite cool, Anton Petrov was a high school science/math/computer science teacher and his channel focuses on explaining complex things in a way everyone can get a grasp off.

This is a +2hr long video compilation in which he uses Universe Sandbox to explain various exo-planet and astronomical talking points: