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I'm playing Unholy Heights for few days and I'm currently after clearing the quests from third level (means: I can expand to fourth floor but lack money to do this). Game is very enjoyable and good, but I feel like it lack in managing section.

Either I'm missing something or it is unlikely to get monster angry at you (I mean resident, not monster type as getting a whole type, especially demons, angry is rather easy). Once you get them on ecstatic level they are pretty easy to keep at it. I don't notice that thing like loosing parents or having other monster to not pay a rent influence this. I was having a situation where two monsters died in combat and left a female child living on her own. There was no changes in her mood because of this. Later she grow up and after some time of unemployment was left without money, so I lower her rent to 0. It did not influeanced other monsters in any way. So enviction virtually is only for making a room if new, powerful monster arrives (I envicted a Sceleton once to make room for samurai version)
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