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Is there somewhere I'm missing that has a list of in-game keyboard commands?

1) Being stuck at times, I watched a You Tube playthrough, where the players inventory opened up into a 4 box setup........was wondering how that's done....all I know how to do is hit K, and it rearranges stuff.

2) I also saw a review where the screen view was bigger. Thought...huh. Not that I wanted it, but just unlocked the Library, and partways in, hit something on my keyboard and now my screen is larger. If I move, the screen scrolls...whereas it used to fit the entire screen.

Kind of figuring there's got to be a list of these types of things by now.....anyone?



Figured out Z is Zoom and unzoom:) Still wondering about inventory.
Post edited December 29, 2014 by billybgame
There are two checkbox options in the menu Options -> Gameplay: Split inventory horizontally and Split vertically. Checking them both will split the inventory in 4 screens.