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First of all I just got this game and I really like it so far, thanks for adding this fun game to the GOG catalog.

I don't know if it is just something wrong in my game or if it is a general bug/glitch, but every time I open a door using a switch that doesn't require a key if I get out of that screen and then come back, the door is closed again and I get trapped on the other side since I can't seem to find a switch to open the door on that side.
A good example is the bank, I open the door that allows us to talk to the bank guy, I buy the key for the vault, I go inside of the vault, I come back out and the door is closed and I am stuck since I can't get out of the vault small room.
Is that a feature or a bug? Is there any other way to get out of there without having to use a teleport item (like the halo)?

Thanks for your time.

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