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This needs to be stickied until the dev actually fixes these problems. Official maps are supposed to be in the GOG version and are yet to be added STILL. add this folder to the Unepic folder and bam, you got the 12 maps you are supposed to have. Also this leftover drm fix the dev posted from 6 months ago, in his own words.

franfistro: Hello,

Looks like there are a few remaining lines from the ancient DRM version in our DRM-Free version.
I'm going to find these lines and remove them.
In the meanwhile, to play normaly, find the "config.cfg" file, edit it, and change these lines...


by these ones...


Apologizes for this issue

These 2 fixes make the game basically equal to the steam version minus the workshop content. These are the things that we have needed for this game. Im posting the fixes I have found in one thread and hopefully it will be stickied so others can fix it. I myself purchased the game on steam because NOWHERE on the net was there a way to actually get the official maps. To the dev, fix it, it was this easy for me, and I am not a programmer.
I know that post is old but but thanks anyway for sharing it.
Anyone getting a crash when trying to play the multiplayer Bax Symbol Profanation?
Steam version is playable but on the gog one...I get a crash with the error "footer deco no coincide"
@Magic_Of_Light: Thanks for the post!!!

Incredibly enough the developer has not fixed thoses issues in the latest version.
Lobuno: @Magic_Of_Light: Thanks for the post!!!

Incredibly enough the developer has not fixed thoses issues in the latest version.
Well, I just sent a mail to fran the creator of the game, asking about all of that, and he answered to me (very fast !) that the "remains of DRM code" issue was already fixed long ago, and that GOG got the version of the game with the official maps included one month ago : it's the version currently available to download on our account. So this pack of map is now useless ;)

So in short... the dev' has fixed those issues in the latest version, which is already available to download since several weeks :)
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^^ Thanks for the info Splatsch !!!
Lobuno: ^^ Thanks for the info Splatsch !!!
You're very welcome :)
And kudos to the dev' who is maintaining the game and answering to questions :D
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