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Hey there.

I just played the Demo for an hour or so and I think the game is fantastic. What bothers me is that you can't just "zoom in" or use a lower resolution so that everything would appear bigger. It's a real pain in the ass to read the tiny text or just to identify anything on the screen from more than a metre away. And I love playing games on my TV, lying on the couch and using my wireless gamepad.

Since I'd really love to buy this game on GOG I'd like to know if there is a zoom function in the non-demo version of this game. Or the possibility to lower the resolution accordingly. Rogue Legacy for example looks great and I can discern evrything even from my cosy place on the couch.
This is a cap of the only video settings you can edit. So no resolution, sorry. Never heard about the zoom before neither. Besides this is not the best game to play with a controller if you ask me, but I still find it very funny and recommend it to you.
Thank you for the reply.
Zoom is now available in the latest version. :-)