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I hooked up my laptop to the Tele. Everything works fine as far as anything else I play/run on my laptop. I try to start up Unepic and screen goes black with soundtrack playing. Is there changes needed to get the game to work properly when hooking up hdmi?
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Has anyone else had this issue?
Can anyone help on the matter cause I'd like to play big Unepic.
Does the game run fine using the laptop's screen? Is the issue limited to the HDMI output?
Yes, game runs fine on laptop. It's when I have it hooked to hdmi output that the game forgets how to game. It runs on the laptop screen still while the tele is black screened but the audio can be heard.
I've even tried getting the game up and running and then hooking the hdmi but it goes black with audio again. All my other games launch and run just fine, Unepic refuses to be as epic.
It's not a game issue, then.
It could be due to the resolution (and/or refresh rate): maybe your TV doesn't endure the game resolution. So, I'd try changing it.
But, if I am not mistaken, the game doesn't allow to select it and runs at desktop's resolution, so you have to change the latter before starting the game.
Damn. Wonder if I'm the only one to have this issue?
I've messed with the res on both already but I'll give it another go and then just forget about seeing the game on the grand stage. Thanks for giving the time to reply, always appreciated.
- dfektive