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Remapped my movement keys from the defaults of the arrows to a WASD layout and updated other keys like action to L, attack to J, jump to space as if there is a conflict it appears you have to rebind the key that conflicts first then go bind it to what control you want.

After playing for a while noticed 2 problems with the remapping.

1. That having the action key set to a letter caused problems with naming character or adding map notes where you are typing and may use that letter. Has anyone else had this experience? I would expect that the rebind would work everywhere else in the game, but when you are actually supposed to be typing the action/accept key should still be enter imho.

2. That rebinding the left movement key to A works for movement and jumping and main menu navigation; however, in the inventory, shop, spell screens I could not navigate the cursor to the left, had to reopen the screen/shop to get back to the leftmost upper position and start moving the cursor again. Other directions worked fine up/down/right as w, s and d. Remapping back to left arrow and reloading game confirmed that with left arrow you can navigate left in the item menus but after saving and exiting again, mapped back to wasd, again a would not move left in the item menus.

Anyone else seen this issue? not a major problem and could potentially move wasd to something like esdf instead if it's just a that doesn't work; but, haven't tested that yet to see if any remapping of left at all causes this issue.
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Like this one?

I guess it is a known bug now.. ;p
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Stooner: Like this one?

I guess it is a known bug now.. ;p
Thanks for the link +1, good to know I'm not the only one seeing the problem with remapping, came to the game forum here first though rather than check through the comments on the release announcement so I had missed this post.

Hoping to get more information from FranFristo about the best place to post bug reports going forward.

And heard back that the best place to report bugs with UnEpic is directly on the UnEpic forum for Bugs and Issues located here -
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