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I am unable to progress the JKK storyline during the "Escort Vivian" quest in the Abandoned Biocorp Facility. I've tried replaying the section three times with past saves now. The second and third door from the right in the second sector are always locked to me, despite me having both the Generator Room Keycard and (supposedly) more importantly the Sector 2 Keycard. Maybe i'm missing something obvious, but it've searched every nook and cranny and all walls for hidden doors and checked all wiki's for information. The Hydraulic Generator Parts i need are supposed to be in sector 2. I assume they must be in the two rooms i am somehow unable to unlock.

Thanks for any help
Btw i have 0 points in both Lockpicking and Hacking, but i'm sure the game should be doable without either.
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Vivian opened the doors just now when i contacted her. I tried earlier, but i must have triggered something since then to allow it. Btw is there any way to delete your own post? It's kinda dumb to keep this one, sincei resolved it myself.