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Hello fellow UnderRail players, do you want to share your exported character with the world? Well this is the place to do it!

Preferably use Google Drive or Dropbox, and make sure the file is shared properly and downloadable by anyone with the link. After your character's name, put [LEVEL NUMBER HERE], and then (EXPEDITION) if it is a character using the Expedition expansion, then give us a brief description of your character and their skills, etc.

To import a character, drag the char file to Documents\My Games\Underrail\Characters, then when starting a new game, hit the IMPORT button after selecting the difficulty, then select the character.

Here's my character export, John Blade [30] (EXPEDITION)

Named after John Blade from SiN, he's a psionic focused character (Metathermics, Temporal Manipulation, and a bit of Psychokinesis. Has a lot of points put into all crafting skills, some throwing, lockpicking and hacking, and a good amount of persuasian and mercantile)

He also has A TON of stuff on him, so make sure to drop most of it on the ground when you get in control so you can move, then take whatever you find useful with you and/or store some of that in your footlocker/lockers.
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