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So I did everything right according to the forums, negotiated in Buzzer's shop, rescued and healed the prisoner, and helped the Foundry group, the only maybe questionable thing I did was hold out for a couple of turns during the elevator invasion.


So I get to the under caverns, completely fucking lost, the first people I bump into are the Tchort types, so pulling into my trivia bank, I get their questions right and make them not hostile. We talk a bit, I noncommittally agree to take a quest and not tell anyone that their leader is dead, and off I go. I bump into a Faceless group that direct me to their commander.

After a while of wandering aimlessly, I find the Faceless base and try to talk to their commander. So mindprobe, and then the emotional little shitbag decides that since I talked to the Tchort people we should all get into a shooting match.

Besides following a step by step detailed sequence of events guide, what am I exactly supposed to do?
Throughout the game I'm used to talking my way out of situations, then suddenly I get thrown into an all combat all the time endgame with these innumerable little fail conditions.

I could reload back to before I talked to the Tchort people, but that would set me back by about two hours, and over something admittedly really stupid.

Any advice that I can follow when I come back to the game after a couple of months?
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I realize this reply is a few months too late maybe, but I just want to type this here to help anyone who may still be lurking around this forum. :)

Well in your situation I would say you should reload back before you talked to the Tchortists. Basically you will need to wander into Faceless terroritory a lot for essential items, and they have endless respawns, so if you can keep them friendly (or at least neutral) you would have a much easier time. It is possible to be friends with both the Faceless and the Tchortists (and even finish an easy quest for Tchortists), you just need to visit the Faceless *first*. The Tchortists have a weapons shop, while the Faceless provide one time supplies of ammo and meds.

As for general advice, avoiding the effects of creeping dread and Eye of Tchort is perhaps most important. The annoying Tchortling minions only spawn once the creeping dread debuff adds up to 20 stacks and turn into Eye of Tchort. Those debuffs will continue to add up in the Hollow Earth area, except in some underground bunkers, so use that to your advantage.

Your main purpose in the deep caverns is to open the gate to tchort and killing it, and without going into too much detail the things you need to do are:
1) Restore power to various sections of deep caverns, by going through Arke power plant.
2) Find repair parts for the gate (scattered throughout deep caverns), and either repair it yourself or find help.
3) Find something from the mushroom forest to remove the biomass on the gate.
4) Find a keycard to open the gate.
Yeah, I pretty much knew that I had to restart the entire section, and that that was the only solution, but 4 hours into it that was kind of incredibly infuriating. I hadn't expected to have the entire questline collapsed into a pile of rubble over accepting a quest (up until that point it hadn't worked like that) so it kind of turned me off to the game.

I put in a solid 100+ hours up until that point and getting everything derailed over accepting a quest in that neverending combat area made me quit. Maybe someday I'll come back, but I had really been hoping there was a work around that didn't involve restarting the DC.