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I don't remember seeing a font so horrible, badly readable, incorrectly spaced and outright ugly to look at as this tooltip font the game uses to display item description below the main screen. Not only the proportion, but even the low-contrast colors used are just horrible.

It's not easily readable, each time I have to literally put an effort to decipher what is scribbled there. I mean I like Wadjet Eye games, especially the Blackwell Series and Primordia, but this seeing this font makes me remember a Japanese saying:

"A bowl of delicious soup was ruined by two grains of bird droppings."

Because that's what this font does to the game.
The game tiself is fine so far, for the record.
Post edited August 09, 2018 by Kamamura
Could you post a screenshot? I am wondering if the font is displaying the way it should be displaying.
I think it looks fine (see attachment).
scrnshot.jpg (181 Kb)
I guess it could be better, but it's nowhere near "horrible"
Try playing Ultima 7.
YES! The space width of that font is too small! You don't need to study font design to see that. Bad readable.