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Changelog for Patch 1.6 (25 November 20115):

- Stronger charge. It should be more powerful now so that the cost vs benefit of a charge is balanced especially against artillery defensive positions.
- Stronger melee.
- Canister damage reduced slightly. It will help brigades to take down artillery batteries more easily and discourage players to bring cannons too much in front.
- Increased damage of some large artillery battalions (It was too low).
- Fine tuned morale so that units retreat not so often as before.
- Units retreat less far behind.
- Balanced Calef (It was an overpowered unit).
- Balanced CSA Artillery to be a little more effective overall.
- Fixes in targeting and LOS. Units now should make auto-lines, spot and target nearest threat without excessive micromanagement.
- Better visual appearance of brigades as soldiers scale and bend formations on the terrain.
In both Multiplayer and Single player mode, units will shutter out of the map after more losses (previously maximum losses were 66% now are 80%).

- Fixed artillery units positions that were too in front in some scenarios.
- VP balances in "Conquer the Map" so that the Confederates can win by acquiring more locations excluding Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill.
- In "Union attacks Benner's Hill" scenario CSA got one extra battalion of artillery and Smith starts closer to Wolf's Hill. Additionally Benner's Hill is valued more so that the Union is forced to take it in order to win.
- Balances of reinforcement arrival times in the multiplayer scenario "The Battle of Devil's Den". Now the CSA get early their units so that if Union overstretches too much is in danger to be flanked and crashed early on.
- "Pickett's Charge" Scenario has more duration so that the Confederates have enough time to efficiently bombard the Union.
- Reinforcement time tweaks for the first battle.
- CSA reinforcements may arrive sooner so that forces fight with each other with a way closer to history but also without large pauses of action.

- AI improvements so that it is better overall. Especially when it attacks it should concentrate forces more and be more decisive.
- AI units should leave better distance from player and make effective fire lines that player will have difficulty to withstand.
- AI should desire to flank and execute pressure on weak points more successfully.
- AI will play more cautiously and engage its forces only at weak points of player's formations so that it has enough army throughout the whole battle campaign.
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Changelog for patch 1.7 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) / GOG-5 (Linux) (added 25 July 2016):

- Improved targeting. Units will pick best target without micromanagement, especially artillery.
- Various melee fixes/improvements. Infantry will no longer auto-fall back and annoyingly lose its position.
- Improved auto AI lines. No longer too much shifting around. Units will be sufficiently intelligent to handle their lines.
- Artillery less resilient in melee.
- Cavalry more useful, not so vulnerable as before.
- Balances in Ranged combat (toned down artillery effectiveness from High/Medium range and overall more realistic casualty rate).
- Morale fixes (not so fast retreat, overall more manageable condition for tougher/epic battles).
- Increased significantly the damage bonus in flanks/rear for even more tactical battles. Units that stand and shoot have increased condition endurance, so their defensive capabilities are more resilient.
- Finalized brigade/terrain visual improvement. Movements, formation appearance, 3D perception of terrain are greatly improved. You feel the battle more realistic now.
- Balanced combat damage/pace to realistic level. You now understand the importance of terrain. You lose badly until you gain the high ground and then it becomes your turn to punish your enemy.

- Much improved AI attack. AI will press and concentrate on weak spots of player army with efficiency and persistence.
- Enhanced AI defense. AI will be more active in covering weaknesses in formation and defending the high ground.
- AI now understands much better the territory it fights. AI opponents are active and respond to whatever threat you pose to them, in a realistic and challenging manner. The way that each opponent fights is really interesting to explore, in order to unlock multiple different speculative scenarios that probably you had never met.
- AI now will very often attempt to flank. It will make tactical maneuvers to place artillery on high ground and shoot at your flanks.
- AI will fall back if overwhelmed in a much more efficient manner (according to personality). It will prefer to leave ground in order to reform and counter-attack, in order to cause you more casualties.
- AI now plays out the MP scenarios better. You can play vs an AI to really test and improve yourself in multiplayer.
- Fixed AI boost mode that could work the opposite in many aspects. Now it is far more challenging.

- In multiplayer map "Fight for two hills" the CSA have one more battery for better balance.
- In multiplayer map "What if Buford had not held McPherson Hill" the Union reinforcements delay much less, to make both sides fight quite evenly.
- Union reinforcements have reduced possible delays in many battle moments of 1st and 2nd day (Slocum appearance, multiple 2nd Day Union counter-attack scenarios). So the Union will be a much bigger threat in case CSA over-attacks.
- Various text fixes.

- Mac version got a fix in supported resolutions which could result in unstable playing environment for various Mac systems. Maximum resolution for Retina display cannot be utilized anymore but game can alt-tab without previous issues and controls' accuracy is increased 2x.
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Changelog for patch 1.8 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 17 May 2017):

- Resolved Multiplayer connectivity problems.
- Balanced ranged damage to be not so overpowered as before. Casualties will be much more realistic and the game should be more enjoyable by playing either side (Union or Confederates) in Single Player or Multiplayer mode. This damage balance affects positively morale and condition, that previously could drop too fast, making units almost unmanageable in many cases.
- Improvements for AI to keep better safe distance from the player and attack more efficiently.
- Improvements for player's units auto-targeting and self-awareness.
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Changelog for Patch 1.8 hotfix (added 19 January 2018):

- minor multiplayer fixes