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This has to be one of the most boring and non-responsive strategy game I've ever played =O

I never feel in control of anything, mostly because of the terrain, and the real struggle it sometimes is to distinguish what my units see or not, or if they have line of sight/fire or not. Be it my artillery that never fires anything, or, worst, three different companies (numbering in the thousands) that are virtually incapable of destroying a surrounded ennemy company numbering a third of my own units...

If I fire at an enemy unit, their numbers go down slooowly... one by one. But watch out for my countdown ! Even some manoeuvers lead to nothing, as rear attacks, pincing movements or artillery hacking are countered by a simple unit and some cannons.

Surprisingly, I don't deny its qualities and possibilities, but seriously ?

As a matter of fact, what had attracted my attention was the tilt-shift effect, that gave real sense of depth and altitude. But too bad, the devs just cut it out of the game, not even leaving it as an option... Big big disapointment.
Which side were you using? I would recommend checking out some of the tips pages out there. There are a couple good ones on steam.