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One of the more annoying things on the first level of Ultima Underworld 1 is the difficulty of the jump to reach the shrine, allowing you to raise your skill levels. The jump required to reach the room is frustratingly difficult.

I made a video which describes an objective method to make the jump to this location:

Hope it helps!

Step 1: On the far side near the wall directly across from the shrine door, approximately line yourself up facing the platform leading to the door
Step 2: Click the turning arrow button just below the compass until you are facing the wall (this lines you up exactly facing the wall at a 0 degree angle). Note that SHIFT+A or SHIFT+D also does the same turning motion
Step 3: Move forwards right up against the wall
Step 4: Clicking the turning arrow below the compass again, turn around 180 degrees so you are facing the door
Step 5: Press SHIFT+J - this does a "standing leap" from your current spot
Step 6: Using the arrows below the compass again, click the forward arrow twice (or SHIFT+W)
Step 7: From this position, do one more "standing leap" (SHIFT+J) and you should land right next to the door.
It's only difficult because you can't jump too high, lest you hit the ceiling. It's all about using the right amount of energy for the jump.
I usually have to try about five times to get it right.
i actually didn't find the lvl.1 shrine unitl i started exploring lv.3. by then, i think i had a levitate spell, so it wasn't a big deal. otherwise the jumps are quite easy once i finally read the manual about shift-jump