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Hi All,

When I click on the shortcuts to start UW1 or 2, DOSBox seems to launch but just sits at a command prompt after that. Basically, my screen looks like this:


And I look like this :-(

I'm runing Win 7 Ultimate, x64
Any ideas? These two games have really caught my eye and I'd love to play them as I missed them the first time around.
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That's strange... I would suggest running as administrator or changing the install path to somewhere other than Program Files, but those aren't supposed to matter for DOSBox. Did you run the game INSTALLER as administrator? If not, maybe uninstall and reinstall as administrator.

If that doesn't work, can you take a look at the configuration file? It should be called something like "uu2dosbox.conf" and will be located in the install directory. Specifically I'm wondering about any errors occuring in the [autoexec] section at the end... this is what is used to tell DOSBox where and how to launch your game when you run the shortcut.

Also, did you install DOSBox with the game or did you have it installed already?