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Ok, everyone knows that the final release of Ultima VIII is completely flawed and there are giant plot holes in it.
The Speech Pack was supposed to cover some of these holes, but it was like putting a band aid in an open fracture.

So, does anyone knows if the original script for Ultima VIII exists somewhere?

The manual has some interesting information as well as the "Lost Vale design documents" but it really shows that so much is missing
Why not email Richard himself?
RafaelLVX: Why not email Richard himself?
Can I say "because I'm shy"?
Actually, the thought never crossed my mind...
It's missing because the game was never really finished. The design documents are as good as you're going to get unless the original master of Lost Vale ever turns up (don't count on it).
Ultima 8 and 9 were a serious disappointment to me and MANY OTHERS !

Try here to find some extra details...
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