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Hi everybody,

while translating Ultima VI into German I stumbled across a handful of bugs in the original game like non working keywords I chose to address in a separate patch. While I was at it, I also addressed some of the inaccuracies and nitpicks that had been found by fellow Ultima fans over the recent years.

With the recent update the patch meanwhile addresses 21 nitpicks. The patch along with further information can be found on my site at:

Please feel free to try it and let me know what you think :-)

Enjoy! :-)

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Thank you for your work, dear John! I've never played Ultima VI before (in fact I've only played Ultima VII and Ultima Underworld 1 so far). I think I'll use your patch when I do. :)
I haven't tried that, but there is one nitpick that I have always had with the game that doesn't seem to be mentioned.

In Ultima 4 and 5, Jaana is a powerful spellcaster, one of the better spellcasters, actually. In 4, she is a druid, getting the second highest MP multiplier (1.5x INT). In 5, she is a mage, giving her the same magic point multiplier that Mariah and Johne get.

In 6, however, Jaana has absolutely *no* magical ability. None whatsoever. 0 MP. (That's worse than characters like Iolo, who at least have limited magic.) Even worse, there is no explanation in-game for why that might be the case.

Personally, I would prefer to have this nitpick fixed by making Jaana a mage. Give her MP equal to her INT (that's more than any playable character except the Avatar, who gets 2x INT), a spell book with some basic first and second level spells (I wouldn't put Help in it, but it should certainly have basic spells like Heal, Dispel Magic, and at least one of Harm and Magic Arrow), and a reagent pouch. (I happen to dislike the approach of making the Avatar the only decent spellcaster in the game; why not give Jaana some magic? It wouldn't break the game since her stats are still sub-par, but would give her a use and would be good for players who want to have multiple spellcasters in the party.)
Hey :-)

@Wolfram: thx for your kind words. Much appreciated!

@dtgreene: I am not entirely sure, that what you describe can be done with the tools at hand. While you raise a valid point, I would have to investigate what I could do here.

As of now, I try to make the Quenton murder bug playable and that already gets me to the borders of what is possible.

But from the top of my head:
- offering an ingame explanation is no problem
- raising / setting the stats should be possible
- getting her a fully equipped spell book is not possible afaik. Giving her a magic book and all the scrolls separately MIGHT work, though
But then again: this all can be achieved by using the spam cheat, too...

But as I said: first I need to get that Quenton thing off my chest ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to suggesting it - it did escape me as well :-)

A new version of the Nitpicker Delight Patch is up for grabs:

only one more bug addressed this time ....but a major one all the same: The "Quenton Murder" sidequest is now playable.

If you decide to give it a try, please let me now, if it works for you - and more important: if something does not work :-)



Get the patch here:
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