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I seen some footage and spoony's review and it looks good, my only question is:

Are the Controls badly aged like Daggerfall or not that much?
Daggerfall has rebindable keys and mouse look, you can make it play like any modern first-person game. I've attached a screenshot of my settings.

As for Ultima Underworld, keys are not rebindable, but the designers knew that requiring a mouse and putting movement on the arrow keys is physically painful. Movement is done using Q and E for turning and ASDX for walking/strafing and W for running. It's kind of like WASD but with slightliy different keys. I got used to it very quickly. Interaction with the world is done via mouse and by switching modes like talking, using, looking, etc. using the icons on the left hand side. This is annoying, but there is also default mode. What default mode does is assign a default action to left-click, right-click and right-click-drag. For example right-clicking a door looks at it and richt-click-dragging opens it. Right-clicking an object looks at it and right-click-dragging picks it up. Right-clicking an NPC looks at it and right-click-dragging talks to it. You can play the entire game without using the icons on the left hand side, it's great and very intuitive. I was afraid the interface would suck, but Looking Glass Studios knew what they were doing even back then. The only thing missing is a better way to look up or down, you still need to use the keys for that, but you rarely need to do so. As always, make sure you read the included reference card for exact details.
controls.png (215 Kb)
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