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So, if I run with the default config file, the mouse moves really weird in 2D phases: map screen, creating a character, main menu, etc. When I move the mouse, it is a bit jerky, but it also doesn't move with my mouse - if I move up diagonally, it might move sideways, and a bit up, for example, and not at the right speed either.

But once I'm into the 3D parts of the game, the cursor and player movement is completely smooth and fluid.

I found that if I dropped Cycles all the way down to 500 or so, things like the opening splash logo screens now display at normal speed instead of jumping past them, and the mouse in 2D screens is completely fluid and smooth, and moves where I point it. BUT when I get to the 3D screens, it is very choppy and laggy...

Has anyone else had this kind of problem, and if so, did you get it working so the mouse moves properly in both 2D and 3D screens?
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Do you have a joystick or something connected?

Also, turning off mouse acceleration always helps with old games.
PetrusOctavianus: Do you have a joystick or something connected?

Also, turning off mouse acceleration always helps with old games.
I can't see anything about mouse acceleration. I looked in the windows Control Panel and I've disabled Enhance Pointer Precision but it hasn't changed anything.

I had a joystick and a controller plugged in, so I've now tried with them unplugged, but it hasn't changed.

I noticed that if I move my mouse in one direction fast, the mouse point moves accurately with it, but if I try to move slowly, it doesn't follow well at all. For example, in the 3D game view, the mouse works fine, and if I move in a circle, the pointer moves in a circle on the screen. But in menus and things, it's jerky, and if I move my mouse in a circle, it barely does a square movement on the screen...

When the Cycles is high, some screens flash past way too fast, but if Cycles is down at around 500, these screens display properly when the game is running, and the mouse moves properly in the menus - but then the 3D game view screen pointer barely moves and skips about...