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Hello retrogamers,
I got stuck at Level 4 where Sethar Strongarm is suddenly hostile and I can´t get the dragon scale from him.
I don´t remember setting the trolls up but is there a chance that they turn friendly again anywhere soon? Maybe a spell?
I went back up to level 1 because I forgot the recipe from some lizard, then mixed the stew and got back to level 4 and they were hostile.
Do I need the dragon scale (boots) later or is there a change to get them otherwise?
Hi Carlos,

You have a few options:
1. I think Sethar Strongarm drops the dragon scales if you kill him. He's not essential to the main quest, so you should still be able to complete the game.
2. I think the Ally spell (In Mani Rel - 7th circle) or Confusion spell (Vas An Wis - 7th circle) may switch his disposition back to "upset" and will allow you to talk to him again.
3. There is one hidden item in the game which can cast the Ally spell a limited number of times. I'll keep this answer spoiler-free though.

Spell reference:

Good luck!
carlosglatzos: Do I need the dragon scale (boots) later or is there a change to get them otherwise?
This is the only chance to get the dragon skin boots, but a sanct flam spell gets the job done, too. It's more bothersome, though.

There's also a ring of levitation in the game, so technically you don't have to walk the lava to fully explore the lower levels.
I've never had any luck calming a hostile creature, but I've never tried very hard at it either.

As Rmeakins said, you should be able to get the scales by just killing Sethar.

You don't need the boots to complete the game, but they make it worlds easier. You don't need lava protection at all (boots, sanct flam, levitate, fly), but it becomes really, really troublesome to win without it.