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Sir.John: Hm, while I would appreciate if you would be willing to undertake the effort (I'd volunteer to test it and also put it to some use ;-)) I have to admit, "UW Conv Tools" is news to me. Also, I seem to be unable to find any tools that go by this or a similar name. You don't happen to have these or a link to the set of tools, so I can have a look at them?

Thanks for bothering to answer. Much appreciated!

krokots: It got lost in time, but I have it, and all other old UW editors.
I uploaded it here -
It's not easy tool to use, it was meant to be conversation editor for both games. I used it to learn how UW conversation works. You can edit string data in this, so it is possible to create a full translation.
Thanks for the files. I'll make sure to have a look.
If you decide to give your approach a go, please make sure, to let the public / me know - Whenever my translation of Serpent Isle is complete, I might have a go at UW ;-)