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OK, the new Nuvie release is out. It's (supposedly) beatable now.
It's release time again. The Nuvie Team is proud to bring you version 0.4!
The big news with this release is that Ultima VI can now be completed in Nuvie without skipping any of the plot or using cheats! This is a big milestone for the project. Thanks to Malignant_Manor for playing through the game from start to finish in Nuvie to verify this.

We have been very busy working since the last release. There have been 280 commits to our subversion server since the 0.3 release.(1.5 commits per day on average) We have spent a fair bit of time on improving the interface logic and ironing out gameplay issues.

Here's a quick summary of what is included in release 0.4
New experimental fullscreen map mode. With gorgeous new art by Daniel c. Wurl.
New roof tile system with map editor.
Overhaul of interface logic with optional new U7 like interface. Removed lots of interface bugs.
Added key binding system for in-game commands from Exult.
Attack target memory
'command' combat mode.
Loads of bug fixes
Loads of small improvements.
There are still bugs to be found and small features to be added (The end sequence still needs doing) but with this release we are drawing ever closer to the big 1.0 release. As usual, please report any bugs on our bug tracker.

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Here is a link to the original Ultima 1 manual, called the Playbook. This is a PDF to download, and it actually contains instructions, unlike the remake's manual that comes with the GOG version.
Thank you HiPhish
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just checked out 'a fistful of ultima VII'. i have not laughed that hard in ages.
HiPhish: /snip all the goodness that does not need to be repeated...
I am just posting because I want to thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into sharing all this information here for the rest of us adventurers. It is much appreciated by many more than just me I am sure.

This is great stuff and very helpful. So thank you again for doing this. I'm very glad that it got stickied so that it is easy to find.
Excellent work. I'm only up to Ultima 2, but this info was very useful for getting the upgrade working with the GOG version on Windows 7 64-bit.
Epic list OP :) Thanks for the info cause I was looking for something like that.
After consulting both the laughably useless manual included with the game, and the playbook from Replacement Docs.. I was no closer to knowing how you actually play Ultima 1.

Then I stumbled upon this page over at RPG Classics. This is a very important list of all the keyboard commands.

EDIT: And thanks for including all the other links and stuff. I ended up finding that Save Editor extremely handy after accidentally losing everything by forgetting to save in Ultima 1 the other day.
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Those keyboard commands are extremely helpful. The manuals don't explain gameplay and many of those fan sites don't talk about actually playing the games either. This is the most important information of all!

Thank you!
I've just found some excellent maps for Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire:

They are maps of the actual game world - the Valley of Eodon map is a massive 16384 x 16384 .png image. Great for getting your bearings when dealing with the very limited world view in the game itself.
don't see this listed yet. bootstrike has some useful files related to the underworld games, though some of them are no longer needed due to the wonders of dosbox.

note: you might want to avoid clicking on his other webpages because of a sitemeter bug/adware problem
edit: sorry, found the sound problems thread + Ultima Patcher
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I noticed there is no sticky thread with links to all the important websites and patches for new users like for many other games, so I decided to make one. I haven't played all of the games, so please fill me in if I missed something.
Hi, thanks for the links, but a lot of them are broken or outdated. Just a heads up, in case you had time to review them and fix.

Atlantico: ...
Thanks, I updated the links.