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Hi Guys,

I'm a long time fan of Ultima and was toying with an idea of trying to get the Ultima games rebooted, providing of course I can strike a deal with EA games (unlikely) and Richard Garriott. I would think starting way back at Ultima 1. I know there was a project canned in 2001 called Ultima Reborn due to a deal not being struck with EA.

So this is just to test the waters and see what the market may be like should I attempt this dangerous path :)

My idea would be to try and stick to the original plots of the games where they make sense, but also maybe fill some plot holes in the later games. Especially Ultima IX.

I'm not a coder or 3D artist, but should there be enough interest I'm sure I can enlist the help of such to bring the games to a new generation while maintaining the original story and not butchering it.
IF you emabark on such a difficult endeavour, may I suggest you write down exactly, step by step, every single thing you would change. Do this for at least one of the games. Without a very thoroughly documented plan you will get nowhere with financing or the holders of the rights.

Re-balancing is a lot harder than it looks like, if you should attempt any of that.

Good luck!
wow what an undertaking I love everything UO. may Britannia be with you in this endeavor. :