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Ultima 9 might not be the best game ever made, but I got in the mood to play it. But I'm having serious issues with the game. Animations seem to be running in slow-motion It looks like the avatar is just gliding around, until I let go of the movement key, at which point the walk animation plays... very slowly. The rest of the game runs at the right speed, it's just the animations that seem to be completely borked.

I found this video, from 2012, showcasing the problem. They say that the solution was to run Win98 SE, but I don't have access to a Win98 disc anymore, so running a virtual machine with it seems to be out of the question right now:

My specs: Win 10, 8gb ram, GTX 960 & an i5 3ghz.
Drivers are up to date, but considering the video is from 2012, I doubt that this is the problem.
Anyone found a solution to this problem?
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Don't know exactly what I did, but I was playing around with settings in "Ultima IX ascension extended setup", and that seems to have solved it.