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Out of curiosity, does GOG's version of Ultima II fix some of the game's critical glitches as per the fan fixes and patches that are out there? One of the Ultima Wikis mentions a rollover glitch for stats, a divide by zero error for fast computers and a mix-up with the game's files leading to duplicate planets. It seems to me like GOG could easily fix the last, and might have tried to fix the second since it's a crash that results from fast computers. The first is more of a content change, so I imagine it was left intact. I'll probably install a patch or two all the same, but I'm curious if anyone's encountered the problems above in the GOG version.
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Since the game runs in Dosbox at reasonable cycles there is no chance of getting the Divide by zero error as that was a result of the game running to fast.

The incorrect planet map bug is in the GOG version it's not game-breaking as all you need to win the game is Earth and Planet X all the other planets are just there for show and those are the ones effected by Origin's mistake when dumping the orginal disks.

The rollover glitch which only applies to health, I believe is still there but it's really, really hard to pull off as you raise HP at Lord British and Richard coded a form of a safe guard were it's really hard to roll over your HP unless you were really trying as the higher you max HP is the more it costs so if you close to rollover range it would cost you alot to raise you HP.
Okay, good. Thanks for the answer!
Blackdrazon: Okay, good. Thanks for the answer!
I've verified that all of the CD-version bugs are still present. The roll over bug effects all counts, not just HP. Character attributes and items can both roll over as well. This makes the game potentially unplayable due to the randomized nature of how you increase attributes (and you need at least 49 agility to finish the game)

You can either patch the game or edit your PLAYER file when you get bitten by the problem. Here's a list of offsets if you choose the latter:

Here's Pix's patcher which will fix all of the bugs, add some new features if you wish, and is absolutely awesome:
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Very useful, thank you!