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Okay, so while reading a PCGamer article about System Shock 3 yesterday, I found out about Ultima Ascension being in production over at Otherside Entertainment. (I'm a little late, I know.)

So who's excited about this gem of a series being restarted? :D
First I was confused and shocked: Do they really intend to remake Ultima IX: Ascension?! Thank god that's not the case and it's Underworld Ascendant. However, I'm sceptical, as I regard UUW1 one of the greatest pieces of software ever created. So I'm not excited, but I'll keep it in the corner of my eye. ;)
Post edited December 12, 2015 by Wolfram_von_Thal
I'm a little worried at how their site looks! Talk about amateur hour. But then again, these guys are all great 90s programmers, so maybe that's the look they are going for?

Ultima Underworld is a game I will come back and play every few years, probably for the rest of my life. If this version means I can do it with flashier graphics and more interactivity, then so be it.
I'm more excited for system shock 3 since I never played the underworld games. But sill exciting for the underworld fans.