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Hi all,

I recently purchased Ultima VIII on GOG to relive this old classic. I've gone through the main story (doing a blend of speed run and "how to be a bastard in U8 guide") and now I want to mess around with the cheats and hackmover. Problem is I'm having trouble getting any of the cheats to work!

I've read numerous methods to add cheat mode to the game but none of them seem to be working. I've tried using the hex editor, but opening up Avatar.Dat file with a hex editor the characters listed don't match either of the hex edit descriptions I've found online, so I'm not able to make the specified changes. I've tried just adding to the file but no joy. I've tried the "create a u9" directory method but no joy there either. Using the premade cheat launcher doesn't seem to be an option for the gog version.

Someone help me get cheats working on this version please =) I remember there being plenty of fun things to do with the cheat mode on U8, and I'm eager to have a go with it. Maybe a pre-edited Avatar.Dat file would do the job?

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I m stuck with the quest of ghost armor because i make mad jenna. I havn't care the quest is lock if jenna is mad :(
So i tryed to enable cheat, but it don't work unfortunally :(

if anyone can help!
Try the Ultima Codex website for all things Ultima.

I haven't tested it myself but this page ( seems to give the details on how to get the cheat menu working.