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Hi all

Loving this game, very immersive and a wonderful feeling of sprawling world to explore.


I'm stuck on the f****** Cube Generator. I've stumbled around the puzzle inside for ages until I caved in and looked up a walkthrough (I know, I know) and as far as I can see I need to walk through the triple firefield and downwards to activate another bridge elsewhere.

How?? The Avatar is L8, with STR19 DEX 30 INT21 Combat 30 Magic 16 Hits 19 Mana 16 Exp 10491 Level 8 Training 0 .

My party is generally of similar level, and we're at the point where I can walk into Destard and kill 6-9 dragons in the time it takes to sneeze (is it just me or is combat super easy after not very long in this game?), but I can't figure out how to get through these absolutely lethal firefields.

- Dispel Field spell works sometimes(?) on the first one, for a split second, but it reappears as soon as I walk through
- I can't drink yellow potions and move quick enoigh before I'm killed by the flames
- Same with Great Heal (and I cann't really cast that many times)

Lil help? Do I need to just walk into dungeons and kill dragons/liches/gazers until I'm a higher level and can walk through with no problems or wut?
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As general tips, make sure you're in the best armor you can find, cast protection spells (and light to make things easier to see) before going in, carry lots of potions and bandages. Don't stand in the fields when using potions. Healing spells and such shouldn't work in there, so don't waste time trying them. To quote the Doctor, "Run!"

But if you want to make things considerably easier, do the Forge of Virtue quests and then chat to Lord British before going for the cube. The stat and skill boosts from the Isle of Fire are very handy.
Thanks Paulon. A coupla things:

1) Something weird is going on with magic then, because

a) I can see everything perfectly inside the cube generator without needing light spells and
b) Heal/Great Heal spells are working.

Is my game bugging out? I've also noticed that the 'Help' spell, despite the manuals saying it only works once, is usable over and over again.

2) 'RUN' indeed...so are you meant to run through those flame fields as they activate for the first time, sorta thing? If I've died, recovered in Paws and then gone back to the cube after they've activated will it be impossible?

3) Finally, I think I've got the same problem as another user on here in that Forge of Virtue hasn't 'activated' in Exult. There was no tremor at the start of the game. Of course,
AndrewSFTSN: 3) Finally, I think I've got the same problem as another user on here in that Forge of Virtue hasn't 'activated' in Exult. There was no tremor at the start of the game.
This will not cause any problems for the expansion, as long as you can reach the Isle of Fire. See my thread for an update.